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All, Regarding and Exists also comprise the first of three trilogies in the Sentence, the second reading Her Engendering Realization, the third, Magic Every Second. The first is respectively paradisal, purgatorial and infernal, the second, infernal, purgatorial and paradisal, the third again paradisal, purgatorial and infernal. To take the last first, Second,1, the Iliadic section, represents the inferno of war; Second,2 the Odyssean quest for self-knowledge, intensified and completed in Second,3, the section based upon Vergil. The middle trilogy, the second half of SEMREH, reading progressively, begins with the infernal Her and continues with the purgatorial Engendering, educational in its themes and intertexts, and concludes with the paradisal Realization, its third section interweaving the Bhagavad Gita. Moreover, these nine books also form a trilogy of trilogies, infernal (Second Every Magic), purgatorial (Realization Engendering Her) and paradisal (Exists Regarding All). A desideratum of MM criticism would be to begin with Divine, which more literally models itself on La Divina Commedia and imitates not only Dante but his followers Tasso and Ariosto, and to continue with his trilogy of trilogies. Regarding is notable for its purgatorial siccity. It balances the natural grandeur of America’s most spectacular landscapes with the exiguous life of small town and rural New Mexico.

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